Veterans Services

Physical Address

621 Liledoun Rd
Taylorsville, NC 28681

Taylorsville Office

(828) 632-5411

Bethlehem Office

(828) 495-1050


(828) 635-1097

Operations Accreditation

The Veterans Service Office operates in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 165; Article 1; Section165-6 (4) & (8). The Office serves as the claimant’s federally accredited representative under the provision of Section 14.629(c), Title 38, Code of Federal Regulations (veteran’s benefits); for the preparation, presentation and prosecution of claims under laws relating to veterans benefits.

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of this office is to provide quality assistance to our veterans, their widows, orphans or survivors in obtaining or preserving existing benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This assistance provides them additional resources to help pursue a self sufficient life style.

The objective of this office is to always practice genuine empathy, compassion and courtesy to all persons seeking assistance. The laws and regulations that govern the Veterans Administration are very complex. The Service Officer, acting as the veteran’s advocate, provides counseling and assistance to the veteran and family to ensure their claims are properly and aggressively completed.

Population And Monetary Benefits

Information provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs

Veteran Population: The veteran population for Alexander County as of 2012 is approximately 2873.

Expenditures paid in 2012 to Alexander County Veterans and Dependents was $12.3 million. These benefits included compensation, pension, and education benefits. Expenditures paid for Medical & Prescription Drugs was $5.4 million. Most medical care is provided at a VA Facility unless pre-authorized.

Benefits Available

  • Hospital, nursing home and home visits for severely disabled
  • Compensation/Pension/Survivor’s Benefits
  • Education/VA Insurance/Home Loans
  • Medical/Nursing Homes/Funeral/Burial/Markers
  • Appeals
  • Automobile/other conveyance
  • Housing, special adaptive
  • Annual clothing allowance
  • NCDVA Scholarships
  • One-time fee hunting/fishing license
  • Special veterans license plates
  • DD-214 replacement
  • Referrals to County agencies
  • Assistance with securing transportation to VA medical facilities

Documents Needed To File Compensation & Pension Claims

  1. DD-214 Military Discharge
  2. Birth Certificates for dependents
  3. Marriage Certificate, present divorce or death certificate for previous marriages
  4. Service Medical Records
  5. Financial/Medical Expense Information

Agency Web Sites

For information only, cannot file actual claims

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
N.C. Division of Veterans Affairs, Raleigh, N.C.
Retirees Defense, Finance & Accounting Services

For Retirees to update retirement benefits or check on deductions


All information is confidential, whether supplied by the veteran, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, or other parties and cannot be released or discussed except to those personally connected to the case with a need to know in order to assist the veteran or veteran’s dependents.

Our History, Our Heroes videos feature interviews and stories from Alexander County Veterans that served in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the Invasion of Afghanistan.