Planning & Development

Physical Address

6125 NC Hwy 16 South
Taylorsville, NC 28681


(828) 632-1114


(828) 632-1361

The Planning Department advises citizens, applicants, local boards and committees regarding current and future land use planning issues. Our efforts include the administration of land development ordinances; transportation, recreational and environmental planning. The County Commissioners recently adopted a new Comprehensive Plan, replacing one written in 1993. The new plan outlines growth management strategies addressing land use, transportation, economic development, environmental assets, recreation and cultural resources based upon comments and concerns received during a series of community meetings. These guiding principles should assist in land use decisions for the next ten to fifteen years. Click here to review a copy of the plan. Please utilize the links below to access information on the County’s land use ordinances, the Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as application forms for board review.
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Building Inspections

Building/Zoning Inspections

Angela Johnson
Jill Woodie
Administrative Assistant(s)

Building Inspections Advisory Board

Clint Canaday – Chairman, Tony Lackey – Vice Chairman, Brent Fox, Larry Jenkins, David Land, Ryan Mayberry, Darrell Robertson, Mark Foy

The Building Services Advisory Board meets quarterly or on an as needed basis. Meetings are held at the Building Inspection Offices located at 6125 NC Highway 16 South.

For more information or to contact Building Services Advisory Board, please email the Advisory Board Clerk

Permit Fees

The Development Services Team encompasses Building Inspections and Zoning. The Inspections staff provides customer service in all four trades of inspections outlined by N.C. Building Code Council: Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing. The Zoning staff reviews and approves zoning permits and manufactured home appearance permits; enforces local planning related ordinances; coordinates subdivision review; recommends proposed subdivisions and other related planning applications such as rezonings and variances to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  1. Submit a Zoning Permit from the County or the Town of Taylorsville. Zoning Permits are required for any new structure, addition or remodeling projects. The Zoning Permit includes the type and size of proposed use (example: single-family dwelling, manufactured home, commercial building). If the structure is a manufactured home, the applicant must also complete a Manufactured Home Permit (county only). For county permits, a site plan should be submitted. The plan must show the property lines in relation to: Existing and proposed structures; Dimensions of existing and proposed structures; Distances between existing and proposed structures; and Distances from all existing and proposed structures to the front, rear and side property lines. All county Zoning Permits issued will expire six (6) months after the approval date, if work has not started on the property.
  2. Following zoning approval, complete an Improvement & Operations Permit with the Environmental Health Division. An Environmental Health Specialist will work with the applicant in the review and installation of individual or community water and septic systems. The Improvement Permit cannot be issued without a Zoning Compliance Permit. For more information regarding Improvement & Operations Permits, please contact Environmental Health at 632-1000, extension 311. Environmental Health will collect fees for the Improvement & Operations Permit.
  3. Following zoning and Improvement Permit approval, submit a Permit Application. The Permit Application cannot be issued without approval of the Zoning Permit and Improvement Permit. Permit Applications for site-built structures, additions or remodeling must be submitted with two (2) sets of plans.
  4. The applicant will be notified when the Permit Application is approved. At that time, permit fees will be collected. All permits must be completely filled out and contain original signatures.

The applicant or agent is required to contact the office when construction is ready for inspection. When requesting an inspection, please give the following:

  • The name of the property owner.
  • Permit number (receipt number)
  • Location
  • A phone number where caller be reached.

Inspections are normally scheduled for the next business day after the request is called in. Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A re-inspection fee may be charged when the work to be inspected is not ready on the requested date/time.