Emergency Medical Services

Station #1

2430 Hwy NC 90 Taylorsville, NC 28681

Bethlehem Base

9110 Hwy 127 Taylorsville, NC 28681

Mission: To provide pre-hospital care and transportation to the victims of sudden illness or injury. We also provide medically necessary non-emergency ambulance transportation.

We have two bases in Alexander County. Our main station is located at 2430 Hwy NC 90 just east of Taylorsville. This base houses our administrative, billing, and training offices as well as two Paramedic crews. There is also a satellite base in the Bethlehem Communty at 9110 Hwy 127, which houses one Paramedic crew.

Alexander County EMS employs 29 full-time employees and a number of part-time employees and provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


EMS Director: Bradley Earp
Captains: (A – Shift/Training Officer) Doug Gillispie (B – Shift) Jeff Sigmon (C – Shift) Dale Johnson (D – Shift) Tommy Pennell
Lieutenants: (A – Shift) Dale Killian (B – Shift) Tim Mann (C – Shift) Kevin Richards (D – Shift) Mel Hyder

Staff Medics

A – Shift – Terry Williams, Jeff Weller, Wes Thompson, Tara Tedder
B – Shift – Terry Fox, Zenda Townsend, Trent Tedder, Chris Helderman, Danny Sweat
C – Shift – Connie Meredith, Steven Carson, Michael Poovey, Jared Dyson, Carla Barnes
D – Shift – Hansel Burke, Erik Smith, Philip McCurdy, Lewis Armentrout, Bradley Daniels

Part Time Staff

Michael Sherrill, Tiffany Getz, John Goodnight, Kenny Poole, Nate Baumgarner, Billy Killian, Keith Millsaps, Reid Roper, Anthony Grant, Doug Bowman, Jerry Rogers, Chris Hyatt, Josh Reese, Kyle McLellan, Bryson McAlpin, Charlie Marshall

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