January 1, 1999-July 1, 2001

1.  Increased funding for Sheriff’s Department to increase salaries of officers, obtain 17 new patrol cruisers,  and add 4 additional deputies to increase coverage at night and in our schools.
2.  Increased funding for EMS to obtain 3 new ambulances, each with a new heart defibrillator, and added 4 additional paramedics to provide better coverage, especially for the most remote areas of the county.
3.  Doubled annual funding and purchased new vehicle for Rescue Squad.
4.  Purchased heart defibrillators for each volunteer fire department and Rescue Squad.
5.  Adopted Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance to promote fire safety.
6.  Funded $25,000 for Gwaltneys substation of Hiddenite Fire Department.
7.  Installed new communications towers at Bethlehem, Vashti, and Taylorsville to enhance emergency communications.
8.  Funded Alexander Community Hospital to keep hospital and emergency room open during re-organization and assisted hospital in obtaining Critical Access designation to increase federal reimbursements to attract a takeover by a larger hospital.
9.  Completed the E911 Addressing system for the entire county.
10.  Installed electronic security devices in courthouse.
11.  Adopted Response Plan to Local Acts of Terrorism as guidelines for county Emergency Management personnel.
12.  Reviewed grant to implement Alexander County Safe Kids Coalition to educate families in ways to protect their children from injuries or death.
13.  Increased funding for local school system resulting in substantial increases in local teacher supplements, elimination of local student instructional fees, ACHS improving from "low-performing" to "exemplary" status, and each school in the county receiving accreditation for the first time in the history of the county.
14.  Finalized plans and funding for Central Park project to provide first women’s softball stadium, soccer field, and tennis courts for ACHS.
15.  Worked with local school board to finance $1.5 million of $8.6 million worth of improvements to ACHS, using projected local sales tax proceeds for re-payment of loan.
16.  Worked with local school board to finance $5.8 million to build a new Ellendale Elementary, using projected local sales tax proceeds for re-payment of loan.
17.  Purchased and installed T-1 lines to have distant learning center with local community college to add interactive classes.
18.  Financed $650,000 to purchase 15,000 square foot building for first permanent location of community college in Alexander County with $1 million in state bond monies projected for renovation of building.
19.  Obtained state grant to make county Library fully automated.
20.  Financed $950,000 for future location of state prison in county providing 700 new jobs.
21.  Finalized and funded plans for Geographical Information System (GIS).
22.  Obtained grant and provided funding for Rail Park sewer project.
23.  Partnered with Alexander County Chamber of Commerce to be major provider of economic development for county.
24.  Expanded participation with Carolinas Partnership.
25.  Accommodated placement of natural gas lines in county.
26.  Recipient of Employment Security Commission Employer Award in 2000 for the county's contribution to new business, business expansion, and partnership with ESC.
27.  Set up task force to study feasibility of incorporation of Bethlehem.
28.  Lobbied DOT officials to pave portion of Hubbard Road next to Grace Chapel Road Bridge to give Bethlehem residents additional access to Highway 321.
29.  Adopted State's Secondary Road Improvement Program resulting in the widening of Rink Dam Road.
30.  Adopted Tax Incentives Policy to attract new industries to county and to encourage local industries to expand.
31.  Obtained $75,000 in grant monies allowing qualified local homeowners to make needed repairs to houses.
32.  Chosen as one of 14 pilot programs in the State to receive funds to improve roads that are not on the State system.
33.  Obtained CDBG grant to run water lines to Little River community and Three Forks Church Road, including Belle View Rest Home.
34.  Adopted Water and Sewer Feasibility Study for future water expansion.
35.  Gave Town of Taylorsville permission to place water reservoir on Linney’s Mountain.
36.  Worked with Energy United to expand water lines to Vashti area.
37.  Entered into long-range water contract with City of Hickory across Oxford Dam Bridge providing up to 2.5 million gallons of water per day as secondary water source, with revenues used to expand water lines throughout the rest of county, and to provide interconnect system with Rink Dam Road.
38.  Established Dusty Ridge Task Force and initial funding for Phase 1 of 85-acre multi-faceted park for Wittenburg and Bethlehem communities.
39.  Adopted Parks and Recreation Study for future planning and implementation.
40.  Re-structured Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to include presidents of each community organization to foster better communication and input.
41.  Adopted Subdivision Regulations Ordinance to enhance benefits to homeowners.
42.  Adopted Manufactured Home Park Ordinance and Manufactured Housing Appearance Criteria for safety and aesthetic reasons.
43.  On track to establish countywide zoning with 86 % of county zoned residential/agricultural to preserve rural nature of county.
44.  Recipient of the 2001 Community Conservation Award from the local Soil & Water Conservation District for outstanding conservation practices during county construction projects.
45.  Opposed overly stringent watershed and riparian buffer rules adopted by State.
46.  Adopted Personnel Ordinance ensuring employment rights of county employees.
47.  Adopted Substance Abuse Policy for county employees for identification and treatment of potential problems as well as for the safety of the public.
48.  Adopted Shared Leave Pool Policy to allow county employees to donate accrued time to other county employees who must be out of work for medical reasons.
49.  Adopted MAPS Study to revise salaries of county employees in accordance with state standards.
50.  Adopted County Office Space Needs Study for future growth and planning.
51.  Created local task force to study new courthouse and jail construction or expansion.
52.  Adopted Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday as county holiday for county employees.
53.  Adopted policy to give county employees who retire with at least 20 years of service expanded hospitalization insurance, including supplemental hospitalization insurance.
54.  Hired new Personnel Director for county.
55.  Hired first Information Technology Director for county and up-fitted county web site.
56.  Hired first Public Information Officer to coordinate local programming on Alexander Government Channel and maintain sufficient information on County web site to keep citizens fully informed of services available to local residents.
57.  Instituted a merit performance pay policy for employees of Health Department and Department of Social Services.
58. Funded fiber optic cable project to link all county offices.
59. Leased document imaging computer system for DSS, Health, and Planning Departments to store 1.4 million documents in order to free up much needed office space.
60.  Joined with 3 other counties to hire first Regional Poultry Agent.
61. Adopted policy rewarding dedicated service of county employees with bonus pay at Christmas.
62.  Eliminated $1 entry fee  at convenience centers to encourage re-cycling.
63.  Successfully closed old landfill.
64.  On track to construct modern animal shelter at National Guard Armory site in 2002.
65.  Established "Peoples’ Agenda" before first regular meeting of each month to allow citizen input to Board of Commissioners.
66.  Established "Citizen of the Month" program to recognize "unsung heroes" of our county.
67.  Established "Keys to the County" program to recognize officials and individuals outside of the county who have in some way contributed to the betterment of our county.
68.  Provided partial funding for Human Relations Council.
69.  Funded Alexander County History Book Project to be completed in 2002.
70.  Recognized Alexander County’s own "Redneck Club" by proclaiming a day in their honor.
71.  Expanded Council on Aging.
72.  Renewed Cablevision Franchise Agreement with Charter Communications Cable guaranteeing free cablevision access to every school in the county, Internet access for local subscribers, and free Government Channel.
73.  Provided grading, lighting, and other renovations to Old Jail Preservation Project.
74.  Allowed VFW and DAV to place monuments on courthouse square honoring Alexander County veterans who died in service to their country, including the Confederacy.
75.  Adopted the 2001-2002 budget which included a 3-cent property tax cut, a 1.9% modest increase in spending, and 2 less full-time employees from prior budget year.
76.  As a result of sound, long-range financial planning, the county's fund balance or surplus is currently at $5 million or 20% of annual budget (State only requires minimum fund balance of 8% and Local Government Commission only recommends 17 %).
77.  Only 14% of long-term debt of county is re-paid by property taxes -  remainder is re-paid by "user" fees such as sales tax proceeds, water bills, or solid waste fees.   Alexander County has the lowest long-term debt of any neighboring county.
78.  Despite last re-evaluation being in 1994, kept local property tax rates lower than state average in every budget year.
79.  When factoring in date of last re-evaluation (1994), Alexander County has the lowest "effective" property tax rate in area, according to NC Association of County Commissioners.
80.  In 2001-2002 budget, Alexander County had the largest tax cut of any county in the State!