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Management Staff

Making a Difference

    Management Staff Contact Information
    Leeanne Whisnant
    Consolidated Health Director
    Ext. 7795
    Linda Clements
    Assistant Director
    Ext. 7667
    Karen Haines
    DSS Staff Attorney
    Kay Dayvault
    Admin. Assistant
    Ext. 7664
    Michael Dodson
    Business Officer
    Ext. 7665
    Keri Jerrell
    Child Welfare Program Manager
    Ext. 7603
    Heather Hunt
    CPS Social Work Supervisor
    Ext. 7672
    Cara Noblitt
    CPS Social Work Supervisor
    Ext. 7669
    Jason Hughes
    CPS Social Work Supervisor
    Ext. 7654
    Shannon Williams
    CPS Social Work Supervisor
    Ext. 7618
    Leigh Milstead
    Child Support Supervisor
    Ext. 7676
    Trena Riddle
    IM Program Manager
    Ext. 7671
    Scarlett Dempsey
    Family & Child Medicaid/Workfirst
    Ext. 7608
    Michael Montagino
    IM Supervisor FNS / Day Care / Energy Programs
    Ext. 7673
    Julie Sebastian
    Adult Services Supervisor
    Ext. 7670
    Yesenia Mendez
    IM Supervisor Adult Medicaid
    Ext. 7661

    Contact Information for Management Support 828-632-1080