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Child Day Care

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Child Day Care

Michael Montagnino
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Child Care Subsidy Program

Subsidized child care is a program funded through State and Federal dollars to assist parents with the cost of child care. In order to qualify for financial assistance, parents must meet the income guidelines and must have a recognized need for child care.
Families receiving financial assistance may chose the licensed child care program that best meets their needs. The subsidy program can assist with the cost of child care for children ages 0-12. In certain circumstances, children through age 17 may receive child care services.
When Subsidy funding is limited, The Child Care Subsidy program maintains a waiting list for parents who are requesting financial assistance. Applicants must apply in the county of their residency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible ?

Parents, foster parents, or the adult responsible for the care of the child may apply for child care services.

There are four basic areas to determine your eligibility for the program.
They are:

Size of Household

A family may be residing in a household that includes other people. Only the biological parents and the children are counted for the program.

Need for Care

You may receive child care assistance for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Employment (full or part time)
  • Post Secondary Education
  • Job Training Program
  • High School or GED
  • Your child has developmental delays
  • Your child needs care to support child welfare services or child protective services


Your gross family income (per item 1) must be within the income guidelines that are established by legislation. See Maximum Gross Monthly Income Eligibility Limits chart for family size and income guidelines.


Applicants must be:

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A legal U.S. non-citizen
  • The child is a US citizen

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

Most families are required to pay a percentage of the child care fee based upon their countable monthly income and size of the family. (See Maximum Gross Monthly Income Eligibility Limits Chart for percentages). The fee is based upon the income, not the number of children needing care, so a family will only pay one fee whether child care is needed for one child or more than one child.

*Parents could also be responsible to pay enrollment fees or other charges that are not covered by the day care assistance program.

Maximum Gross Monthly Income Eligibility Limits

View Chart

Income limits are based upon responsible adults living in the household.

If Alexander County does not have funding for eligible families, a waiting list is established until funding becomes available.

What Are My Choices for Choosing a Provider?

Parental choice is an important component of child care services. If you are eligible, the choice is yours. In all situations, the provider must be operating legally. Your child could receive care in any of the following:

  • A licensed center
  • A licensed home
  • Approved religious sponsored programs (GS 110 program)

Licensed Child Care Providers

Child Care facilities in North Carolina are rated with a Five Star Rated License system based on how well they are doing in providing quality child care. Parents can obtain a child care provider’s star rating by checking the list of providers on the Division of Child Developments website at You can also look at the child care license which should be prominently displayed at the licensed center or home.

A public file is maintained in the Division of Child Development main office in Raleigh for every center or family child care home. These files can be:

  • Viewed during work hours
  • Requested via the Division’s web site at
  • Requested by contacting the Division at 1-800-859-0829

Who Can Help Me Decide?

The day care office can give you information about the types of child care available in your community. You may also want to talk with friends, relatives and co-workers or visit several day care providers before making your choice.
Additional assistance is available from the Child Care Resource and Referral Coordinator at:
Region 9 Child Care Resource & Referral
704-878-9980 | 1-877-670-8735

You always make the decision about who will take care of your children.
How Do I Apply

The child care office can answer your questions. You can call the agency phone number listed below to speak with a member of the child care office staff.

Kristin Mclain

You may either make an appointment or come to the Department of Social Services as a walk-in to apply for child care services. You may want to call prior to the application to verify what information or documents that you will need to complete the application. When subsidy funding is limited, Alexander County maintains a waiting list for parents requesting financial assistance for child care. Parents who are interested in being placed on the Waiting List must complete a form with basic eligibility information. The form can also be completed by phone, if needed.

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