December 28,1999 


John Watts, Chairman
David Odom, Vice Chairman
Wesley Bolick
Joel Harbinson
Darrell Robertson


Rick French, County Manager
Helen Anthony, Clerk to the Board
Ken White
Charles McGinnis

The Alexander County Commissioners held a Work Session on Tuesday, December 28, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. in the Alexander County Administration Building Conference Room, Taylorsville, North Carolina.

Chairman John Watts called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

While waiting for the Auditor, the County Manager, Rick French, gave some updates.

  1. The County Retreat will begin 7:00 p.m. January 13, 2000 at the Chetola Motel, Blowing Rock , NC
  2. An Amendment to the Animal Control Ordinance should be considered to control dangerous animals. The entire Ordinance needs to be reviewed by the County Attorney.
  3. The Commissioners may want to consider rescheduling the March 7 meeting due to the NACO Conference scheduled in Washington, D.C. March 3 – 7, 2000.
  4. Chairman John Watts and Commissioner Harbinson are attending and the other Comissioners will advise the County Manager for reservations. Vice Chairman Odom advised dthat he would not attend.
  5. Consideration for a second meeting in January.


Chairman John Watts presented the Agenda.


Mr. Brian Starnes presented the results of the Alexander County Audit for Fiscal Year 1998 – 1999. He stated that there were two internal control issues:

1) The Recreation Department procedure for paying the umpires. This concern has been corrected since the Recreation Department deposits funds with the County Office and has a new procedure for receiving funds and paying the umpires.

2) The Health Department is required to visit each Wick Vendor to verify that they are receiving proper services on a scheduled audit two-year visit. This has been corrected at the Health Department.

Alexander County Budget June 30, 1999:

Cash On hand $4,732,340.00

Fund Balance $ 6,173,949.00

General Fund $21,121,695.00

Change in Fund Balance in 1999 ($49,082.00)

Change in Fund Balance in 1998 $835,838.00

Fund Balance as the percent of expenditures = 29%. The LG recommends 8%

Alexander County is almost debt free and very good detailed report was presented.

Mr. Starnes recommended that the Commissioners should know:

  1. How they are planning to spend the Fund balance.
  2. Know the explanations for all of the Budget Amendments
  3. Revenues were almost consistent. The noted major differences were in purchase of the Dayton Building, EMS, and the Sheriff’s department.

Mr. Starnes agreed to make a brief presentation at the County Commissioners meeting January 4, 2000.


Mr. Ken White, County Finance Officer presented a Budget overview of revenues and expenditures for period ending November 30, 1999. A brief review and summary was provided for accounts payable through December 22, 1999. Also, an overall summary of cash and investments was provided.

The County Commissioners requested that Luther Stock, Tax Administrator, present a status report on uncollected or outstanding taxes during the past five years.

Bethlehem and Sugar Loaf owes $105,000.00 on funds for water lines.


Mr. Rick French, County Manager submitted the survey Report that presented three options for heating and air conditioning the Alexander County courthouse. A proposal from MCL was briefly reviewed. Commissioner Darrell Robertson suggested that we review the improvements that might be need for Department of Social Services, the Health Department, Library and the Administration Building.

Chairman Watts called the Work Session to a close to adjourn to a Closed Session for a Contractual matter.


Vice Chairman Odom made a motion that was seconded by Commissioner Bolick to move to Closed Session. The Board voted unanimously in favor of this motion.



_______________________ _______________________________

John F. Watts, Chairman         Helen P. Anthony, Clerk to the Board