October 12, 1998


W. Darrell Robertson, Chairman
Wesley E. Bolick, Vice Chairman 
Timothy A. Glass
K. Craig Mayberry

ABSENT:       W. Guy Kerley

STAFF:         Charles S. Mashburn, Clerk to the Board

Chairman Darrell Robertson called the special meeting to order in Conference Room A of the County Administration Building at 6:00 p.m. He announced the purpose of the meeting was to conduct a workshop on matters needing discussion prior to the next meeting. The meeting had been adjourned from the October 5 meeting, thus there was no notification to the sunshine list. Other present included Norris Keever, David Isenhour, Rod Watts, Mr. Durmire, Bobby Teague, Mr. Randlett, Mr. Herman Shook, and Mr. White.

The Board discussed for about an hour a request from Mr. Shook and Mr. White that they not be required to pay in advance the $500 assessment on the internal lots of a subdivision proposed off Bible Camp Road. Mr. Shook indicated the assessments on Bible Camp and Jennings roads are fair, but since he is constructing water lines to the internal lots, there should not be an assessment on the internal lots.

In a spirit of compromise Commissioner Mayberry made a motion that the developer be required to pay only $250 on the internal lots. This is the amount the developer of Windsor Pointe paid. This motion was seconded by Commissioner Glass. Commissioner Mayberry withdrew the motion upon being advised that residents of Pine Tree Road had been told they had until the October 19 meeting to get their petitions in, and that no votes would be taken at this workshop.

After much discussion with Rod Watts and Mr. Jerry Durmire, the Board reached a consensus to guarantee 1.4mgd of water to the Alexander Water Corporation through an interconnect to be constructed by the Corporation. The Water Corporation had initially requested 2.0mgd. The Corporation will pay for any upgrades to pump stations that may be necessary to provide that volume of water. The City of Hickory staff is amending their agreement with Alexander County to guarantee up to 3.0mgd. A formal vote on the agreement was scheduled for the October 19 meeting.

Luther Stocks asked the Board whether a decision had been made regarding water billing. He indicated he and his staff are having a very difficult time keeping up with tax collections and water billing. The Board discussed whether to contract with the City of Hickory, contract with the Water Corporation, or again hire staff. The City of Hickory had proposed to perform meter reading, billing, collection, and normal repairs for a price of $3.18 per customer per month, which amounted to about $45,000 per year. The Water Corporation proposed to perform meter reading, billing and collection for $2.20 a customer, but charge for other services on a per-event basis. The latter method would cost about $65,000 per year. No decision was made pending further consideration at the October 19 meeting.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


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Charles S. Mashburn           W. Darrell Robertson, Chairman
Clerk to the Board