October 5, 1998

PRESENT:     W. Darrell Robertson, Chairman

                        W. Guy Kerley

                        Timothy A. Glass

                        Wesley E. Bolick, Vice Chairman

                        K. Craig Mayberry

STAFF:        Charles S. Mashburn, Clerk to the Board

                      Jerry Campbell, Attorney

Vice Chairman Wes Bolick called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the County Commissioner's Meeting Room of the Alexander County Courthouse. Chairman Robertson entered the meeting late. Commissioner Bolick gave the invocation and also led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Vice Chairman Bolick called Register of Deeds Ben Hines forward. Mr. Bolick announced that Mr. Hines had last week been installed as President of the North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds, and also been awarded the Eunice Ayers Award as the outstanding Register of Deeds in North Carolina. The Board commended Mr. Hines for the good work he does locally and for the outstanding performance in the Deed's Association.


Mr. John Stanely, representing the Public Service Company of North Carolina, reported his company has been awarded the franchise to provide natural gas service to Alexander County. Business and industry have been surveyed and it has been determined there are several that desire gas service. The North Carolina General Assembly has mandated service and is providing funding so that every county in North Carolina will get service. He announced a public hearing scheduled in Raleigh for November 18, 1998, to determine the feasibility and funding for Alexander County. He urged the Board to send a delegation to the hearing and also urged the Board to adopt a resolution to support the project.

Construction on the gas line would be scheduled for late spring or early summer in 1999. Phase I would include a line from Statesville to Taylorsville along Highway 90. Service lines will branch off this main trunk line. A local office would not be opened in

Alexander County. Mr. Bruce Barkley advised the Board that the Utilities Commission will establish the need and then recommend whether Alexander County will be serviced and the amount of State funding to be allocated for the project.

Chairman Robertson entered the meeting at this time.

Upon motion by Commissioner Kerley and second by Commissioner Mayberry the Board voted unanimously to support the Public Service Company effort to get natural gas service to Alexander County by resolution (see resolution #98-11).


The Board was advised that additional surveying and engineering is required in order to provide sewer service to the Homestead residential subdivision as part of the Huntington House project. The two projects are being consolidated in order that one sewer pump station serve the residential and industrial projects. This will save a lot of operating expense in the future. Homestead has agreed to pay the additional cost, but it required a contract amendment.

Upon motion by Commissioner Mayberry and second by Commissioner Kerley the Board voted unanimously to approve an additional $8,477.50 in engineering fees to West and Associates for the Huntington House CDBG sewer system project.


The Board was advised that water extensions on Bible Camp Road and Pine Tree Road have been evaluated and the Bible Camp Road was recommended for immediate approval. First, a developer has agreed to pay from about $13,000 to about $20,000 of the estimated $75,000 cost. Secondly, the developer is to construct a water system inside the development and dedicate said system to the South 16 Water District. Thus, water will be available to more customers with less investment than on the Pine Tree Road. Also, only about ten residents on Pine Tree Road have to date agreed to take the water. There is about $100,000 available in the extension account. Thus, there is not enough money to construct the Pine Tree Road project that will cost an estimated $75,000.

The Board was advised that the contribution by the developer is uncertain because he has requested an exception to paying the $500 per lot assessment to the lots for which he is constructing the water line.

Commissioner Mayberry made a motion seconded by Commissioner Glass to approve the Bible Camp Road project, and to postpone consideration of Pine Tree road pending the County Manager contacting Mr. Younce, who was to coordinate Pine Tree Road. After some discussion concerning the assessment, Mr. Mayberry withdrew his motion pending further evaluation at a workshop scheduled for October 12.


Mr. Rod Watts asked the Board to approve the Water Corporation connecting a twelve inch water line to the Alexander County Interconnect for the purpose of purchasing water during the time the Water Corporation water plant will be out of service for repairs. The Water Corporation agreed to pay the cost of constructing the connection, the meter and vault, and the twelve inch water line.

The board was advised that engineers have determined that about 1.2m gallons of water per day can be provided to the water corporation without modification to the county pumps and tanks. However, the need for greater volume will require higher capacity pumps and a pressure reducing valve on the Highway South 16 district to prevent damage when the larger pumps are operating. Also, the cost to Alexander County to provide water to the Corporation will be greater if and when the larger pumps are operating.

The Board discussed at length the provision that guarantees the Water Corporation 2.0m gallons of water per day. The Board suggested that the contract provide for an equal reduction of water to both the Water Corporation and to South 16 customers should there be a general reduction in supply. The Board directed that an amendment be secured from the City of Hickory that they will provide the amount of water being requested.

There was a consensus that this matter be postponed until a workshop to be scheduled for October 12.


Upon motion by Commissioner Kerley and second by Commissioner Bolick the Board voted unanimously to postpone this matter until October 12, 1998, at 6:00 p.m.


Upon motion by Commissioner Mayberry and second by Commissioner Kerley the Board voted unanimously to make board and committee appointments as follows:


Mr. Charles Sherrill was appointed to replace Mr. Kent Kerley on the Economic Development Commission.


Upon motion by Commissioner Mayberry and second by Commissioner Glass the Board voted unanimously to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:


The minutes of September 17 and September 21, 1998, were approved as presented by the Clerk to the Board.


Budget Amendment #13 (attachment #2) was approved to budget $23,885 in emergency assistance money for the Department of Social Services.


Upon motion by Commissioner Glass and second by Commissioner Mayberry the Board voted unanimously to go into closed session to discuss a property purchase, economic development, and personnel matters, and to return to open session for purpose only of adjournment to 6:00 p.m. on October 12.


Upon motion by Commissioner Kerley and second by Commissioner Bolick the Board voted unanimously to adjourn until 6:00 p.m. October 12, 1998, to meet in the County Administration Building.


__________________     ___________________________

Charles S. Mashburn          W. Darrrell Robertson, Chairman
Clerk to the Board