Pretrial Release/TECS Program

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Pretrial Release

The Alexander County Pretrial Release program was established in 2003. The program is designated to provide supervision to defendants awaiting trial, while also alleviating the County Jail of overcrowding. The defendants must meet certain qualifications and adhere to conditions mandated by the Court. All defendants are supervised and administered services based on individual needs. The Pretrial Director and court officials work closely together to help maintain compliance for each defendant.

TECS Program

(formerly the Resource Center)
The NC Department of Public Safety, based on the Justice Reinvestment Act, eliminated the Criminal Justice Partnership Program (CJPP). The new programs were renamed TECS (Treatment for Effective Community Supervision). This program is a sentenced offender program for defendants on probation. All clients are referred by the probation officer based on the Risk/Needs level of supervision and referred for services based on individual needs. The new program was implemented in October 2012.

Services Provided